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Tips and Resources to Minimize Everyday Challenges Facing Seniors

Whether you’re a long-distance caregiver looking for some ways to assist your senior loved one from afar, or you’d like to help aging adults in your community with the daily challenges they may be facing, this quick guide will help you to do it. For some tips on helping seniors to plan for the future, tackle daily responsibilities, and stay safe and healthy at home, read on!

Senior Housing Needs and Concerns

At some point, your loved one’s home may need to be modified or repaired for health and safety reasons — and there may come a time when selling your senior’s home is the best option.

● Does your senior’s home need to be repaired for health or safety purposes? Contact the Southern Hills Preservation Corporation to determine if your senior is eligible for the organization’s home improvement and repair programs.

● Help modify your senior’s home to make daily living safer, simpler, and more comfortable.

● Your senior could benefit from downsizing into something smaller and more manageable, whether it’s a condo, smaller home or assisted living.

● Help your senior calculate the potential proceeds from the sale of their current home.

Senior Estate and Funeral Planning

To prevent complications in the event of your senior loved one’s death, a well-drafted estate plan is crucial.

● Learn the basics of estate planning with some tips from the pros at DailyCaring. Nobody wants to think about the passing of their loved ones, but an estate plan will provide your senior with peace of mind as he or she grows older.

● Determine whether you and your loved one need to hire a knowledgeable elder law attorney when drafting your senior’s estate plan.

● In the event of your senior loved one’s death, will you need help with funeral costs? Knowing your rights can save you money in the future, so take the time to explore the different types of financial assistance that may be available to you.

Grocery Shopping and Housekeeping Services

If your senior friend, parent, or relative struggles to keep up with his or her housekeeping, cooking, and grocery shopping, these great resources can help.

● Discover the different in-home services that can help seniors to live more comfortably at home, and learn how to hire the assistance your loved one needs.

● Explore different meal delivery services for seniors, including Meals on Wheels America, HelloFresh, and BistroMD. Or, you could order groceries online from Costco and have them delivered to your senior’s home.

● Costco delivery options can be found online through The Food Oasis.

If your senior loved one lives alone or resides miles away from his or her family members and friends, there are plenty of available services that can help to make life easier and more enjoyable for your loved one. However, other things like estate planning and addressing your senior’s long-term housing needs are also important — so begin the discussion early on and find out what your loved one needs to make the most of his or her Golden Years.

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